The average length of a Transformer name is 16

At different FME-events we sometimes play the game: – What is the most complicated name of a Transformer? Different answers from time to time but my personal favorite is “RasterBandInterpretationCoercer”. So I decided to gather som stats on my own. As always there are no better way than using FME for this. I quickly created a […]

Can You get more FME than this?

Will hopefully soon be able to explain what is brewing – it’s really cool. (Lots of lots of blocks in Pointclouds are being processed). Using the amazing WorkspaceRunner in FME lets You really take advantage of several cores. Then add the FMEServerJobsubmitter to “bomb” FME Server on top of that and Your server is maximized. […]

League of FME Certifications

While watching my favorite steampunk series, League of Steam, I came to think of the last Olympics medal table and how some smaller countries don’t really stand a chance against the big ones: Picture 1.  Olympic table 2012    Knowing that Sweden and Canada are FME dense countries I suspected that this could be reflected […]

Plenty of FME 2013 Worldtour stops

The FME community always shows a good spirit and enthusiasm. This spirit nourishes ideas and leads to new cool features. Yesterdays livestream had a few technical problems but following the tweets, blogging & evangelism made it fun as always. You can also find the presentations here. But wait – there’s more! Plenty of World Tour […]

Reading Apache logs with FME2013

Now and then I check how is being used for generating workspaces. I normally do this by parsing the log-files that the Webserver Apache produce. They look like this:                         The “.gz” extension shows that they are GNU Zipped (compressed). I used to […]

Tracking Tweets with FME

The TweetSearcher in FME runs a search for Twitter entries. By entering a coordinate You can also request geocoded tweets within a specified searchradius. As the Swedish Christmas Goat succumbs to flames (once again) I came up with the idea to investigate that specific area – in Gavle Sweden. So I quite easily created a […]