Relayed bboxes (Wiki, Blocket)

This is a slightly imroved Wiki-searcher. It queries Wikipedia for the placename in the middle of the map: Here are also som experiments with the Swedish site “Blocket”. Find advertisments for renting houses/apartments. It queries the site with the placenames in the map: This one looks for any kind of advertisment for the…Continue reading Relayed bboxes (Wiki, Blocket)

Canary islands, Elevation, Blue Marble

A nice WMS of the Canary Islands, GRAFCAN: Apollo ERDAS elevation backdrop: Shuttle RADAR DEM ( Blue Marble NG ( Night Lights (

OSM data

There is an API available ( to this great data. Check this bbox: Zoom to a location of interest and press (remember to zoom in quite close as it returns a lot of data). This service returns the actual map-data.


Geonames has many high quality services listed here: List cities in boundingbox (press cities button): List placename at center (press placename button): List weather at center: (press weather) And lastely the coolest. Throw a boundingbox at wikipedia and return the articles (press (press

Earth tools

These services can return local time and heights (and much more). Check out the homepage at: . Height-information : Local time information:

Searching in can be started in different ways. If You hit the default link,, a default bbox will be selected. You can also start up with a bbox by referring to the ID: Either way will zoom into the bbox and start in searchmode like this: If You enter a placename Geonames Web-services…Continue reading Searching in