Relayed bboxes (Wiki, Blocket)

This is a slightly imroved Wiki-searcher. It queries Wikipedia for the placename in the middle of the map: Here are also som experiments with the Swedish site “Blocket”. Find advertisments for renting houses/apartments. It queries the site with the placenames in the map: This one looks for any kind of advertisment for the […]

The PDF map finder kind of Rocks!

Feeding the mapextents placenames to Google gave some amazing results! Guess what You get for results when searching for the keywords “Philadelphia Camden Wilmington Cherry Hill Levittown ….” etc ? You find Geographic info as in maps. Try this PDF finder: If You press the button it displays links to pdf-maps of Philly. […]

Google me here and Wiki me there!

This bbox Googles what ever is in the map: (It’s quite interesting as You can google in any language….) The other bbox searches Wikipedia for the placename in the middle. Your browser must sometimes allow popups for this to work. The function is based on! So try this bboxes, zoom to another […]

Canary islands, Elevation, Blue Marble

A nice WMS of the Canary Islands, GRAFCAN: Apollo ERDAS elevation backdrop: Shuttle RADAR DEM ( Blue Marble NG ( Night Lights (

OSM data

There is an API available ( to this great data. Check this bbox: Zoom to a location of interest and press (remember to zoom in quite close as it returns a lot of data). This service returns the actual map-data.


Geonames has many high quality services listed here: List cities in boundingbox (press cities button): List placename at center (press placename button): List weather at center: (press weather) And lastely the coolest. Throw a boundingbox at wikipedia and return the articles (press (press

Earth tools

These services can return local time and heights (and much more). Check out the homepage at: . Height-information : Local time information:

Searching in can be started in different ways. If You hit the default link,, a default bbox will be selected. You can also start up with a bbox by referring to the ID: Either way will zoom into the bbox and start in searchmode like this: If You enter a placename Geonames Web-services […]