The Viper Game – Only Javascript.

Björn Harrtell created this great version of a new Snake game. Initially made for Android but with no Desire-phone this was another option: Made entirely in javascript. HTML5  is slowly winning me over…this is fun. /Ulf

How to code

A great piece of advice on Twitter today: I guess this means You should leave no comments/trace in the code and definately only check in data anonymously… /Ulf

Mapping my drive with FME – Captain’s log “C:Program Files (x86)”

C:Program Files (x86) This turbulent continent needs exploring. With my trusted reader “Directory and File Pathnames” and the supertransformer “NetworkTopologyBuilder” I created a geometric world map of all the folders: Here is a snapshot of the FME Workbench. (If You are interested please make a comment to this post and I’ll send it to You…Continue reading Mapping my drive with FME – Captain’s log “C:Program Files (x86)”

Denietary systems

In 2004, the EU ordered Microsoft to pay the largest fine ever handed out by the organization, $794 million. According to Wikipedia the background was: Novell claimed that Microsoft was blocking competitors out of the market through anti-competitive practice. Sun Microsystems complained about the lack of disclosure of some of the interfaces to Windows NT.…Continue reading Denietary systems