Battlestar Galactica – the game as it should be played

Recently my mother found a handheld game while cleaning out some old stuff in the parents house. It was my first electronic game, bought somewhere close to 1978 in London.

So today I put in a fresh battery and fired it up. Certainly good quality as it started right away.

Notice the message “IF GAME MALFUNCTIONS, TRY A FRESH BATTERY”. I remember while the battery where about to give up – it did not just turn off. Instead it moved slower and slower and the sound started playing in slowmotion.

Don’t miss out on the breathtaking action as my son plays the game in HD at Youtube !

I also remember that my parents got me the game as a real lifesaver. Remember we where in London and they where shopping, shopping and shopping  clothes forever. At least thats how it felt for a nerdy 10 year old boy…

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