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Note that the mapdata is cc-license : “All maps cc-by-sa OpenStreetMap contributors”
If You are a FME 2010 user (or wannabe) this might be of use. The beta FLASH-application is targeted to those who are interested in Open Street Map data.

In short the site lets You zoom in any area and get a ready-made FME Workbench for that particualar place.

– Dont forget to tribute OSM-data (and FME from

1. First You fire up and pan to the area You are interested in.

Select the type of Workbench You are interested in. (Ie FME Viewer or 3D PDF)

Then download and open it with FME. (Note that the zoom-slide should be in the green or orange area for a valid download).

2. When You have the workbench fired up You may press the green play-button.

Now – the OSM API will be queried and the data will flow for the selected area.

Remeber to save Your data for later use. We don’t wanna stress the OSM-API.

The prototype-workbenches

1. 3D PDF

This one creates a simple 3D-pdf file by simple extrusion of the buildings. (You have to try some light settings in Adobe Reader to get the right look.)

2. FME Viewer

This workbench adds some very primitive styling in the FME Viewer. Very useful for demoing-purposes.

3. OSM Raw to ffs

This workbench lets You save ffs-file with the styling applied. Can easily be reused later – without using the OSM API.

4. Google Earth

Creates a KML/KMZ file as the 3D PDF workbench.

/We really hope for some feedback!

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