Testing bbox GPS traces on OSM API

I find the trackpoint API interesting. You can try it here: http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=320 Basically it lists the OSM trackpoints uploaded in the current bbox. (Well, it lists 5000 points at the time.) My hope (and guess) is that it lists the most recent tracks. That would possibly make some interesting uses of it. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/API_v0.6#Retrieving_GPS_points

Relayed bboxes (Wiki, Blocket)

This is a slightly imroved Wiki-searcher. It queries Wikipedia for the placename in the middle of the map: http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=164 Here are also som experiments with the Swedish site “Blocket”. Find advertisments for renting houses/apartments. It queries the site with the placenames in the map: http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=163 This one looks for any kind of advertisment for the…Continue reading Relayed bboxes (Wiki, Blocket)

Canary islands, Elevation, Blue Marble

A nice WMS of the Canary Islands, GRAFCAN: http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=118 Apollo ERDAS elevation backdrop: http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=122 Shuttle RADAR DEM (http://www.opengis.uab.es) http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=123 Blue Marble NG (http://www.opengis.uab.es) http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=125 Night Lights (http://www.opengis.uab.es) http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=126

OSM data

There is an API available (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmxapi) to this great data. Check this bbox: http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=69 Zoom to a location of interest and press bbox.me (remember to zoom in quite close as it returns a lot of data). This service returns the actual map-data.


Geonames has many high quality services listed here: http://www.geonames.org/export/ws-overview.html List cities in boundingbox (press cities button): http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=70 List placename at center (press placename button): http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=71 List weather at center: http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=72 (press weather) And lastely the coolest. Throw a boundingbox at wikipedia and return the articles (press wiki.me): http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=73 (press wiki.me)

Earth tools

These services can return local time and heights (and much more). Check out the homepage at: http://www.earthtools.org/ . Height-information : http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=68 Local time information: http://bbox.me/bbox.html?id=67