New FME Atlantis transformer

Soon it’s over for one of the greatest achievements in mankind history. The last mission will be STS-135 for the space shuttle. As a space-nerd I will really miss this icon. Creating a custom transformer in FME (called Atlantis) is my goodbye to the shuttle. The transformer renders a PointCloud by using an embedded 3D-model […]

Creating Skins in FME

Finally! Thanks Mark. The secret behind skinning FME is now out: Or in fmepedia: /Darn. Will be a late nite again….

Cube Art in FME

During a project this week I came to think about the challenge to generate cubes in 3D. Turned out to be a fun thing to play with in FME. The input should be : _sides : Number of columns, rows and levels of the cubes _scale : Size of each cube Turned out to be […]

Inspired FME art.

Nope! This is not a post about the INSPIRE directive. Those who now me probably now about the FME art stuff. Today I felt like paying the latest Volcano business some attention. I fired up FME Workbench (and probably failed miserably): You can also play with the 3D-PDF version.