Cube Art in FME

During a project this week I came to think about the challenge to generate cubes in 3D. Turned out to be a fun thing to play with in FME. The input should be : _sides : Number of columns, rows and levels of the cubes _scale : Size of each cube Turned out to be […]

Inspired FME art.

Nope! This is not a post about the INSPIRE directive. Those who now me probably now about the FME art stuff. Today I felt like paying the latest Volcano business some attention. I fired up FME Workbench (and probably failed miserably): You can also play with the 3D-PDF version. BETA and FME

The BETA launch of was anounced on twitter today! ( FME-users can now try the OSM extractor also with Openaddress-data. If You are unfamiliar with how the OSM extractor details You can read about it in our Nov 2009 post:  FME for Open Street Map In short: 1.Start with and locate a place […]


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