Mapping my drive with FME – Captain’s log “C:Program Files (x86)”

C:Program Files (x86) This turbulent continent needs exploring. With my trusted reader “Directory and File Pathnames” and the supertransformer “NetworkTopologyBuilder” I created a geometric world map of all the folders: Here is a snapshot of the FME Workbench. (If You are interested please make a comment to this post and I’ll send it to You…Continue reading Mapping my drive with FME – Captain’s log “C:Program Files (x86)”

Inspired FME art.

Nope! This is not a post about the INSPIRE directive. Those who now me probably now about the FME art stuff. Today I felt like paying the latest Volcano business some attention. I fired up FME Workbench (and probably failed miserably): You can also play with the 3D-PDF version.


FME flex openstreetmap modestmaps proj4js Geonames webservice for searching: