Map Trawling the Web – the unusual way to geographic information

MapTrawler While experimenting with, more than a year ago, I came up with an interesting search method, “Map Trawling.” In short the method can be described as: Find out placenames within a certain area. Feed all these placenames as keywords into a search-engine. The result is: Geographic information, Maps, Transit information, Municipal plans, Tourist…Continue reading Map Trawling the Web – the unusual way to geographic information

The Viper Game – Only Javascript.

Björn Harrtell created this great version of a new Snake game. Initially made for Android but with no Desire-phone this was another option: Made entirely in javascript. HTML5  is slowly winning me over…this is fun. /Ulf

How to code

A great piece of advice on Twitter today: I guess this means You should leave no comments/trace in the code and definately only check in data anonymously… /Ulf

Denietary systems

In 2004, the EU ordered Microsoft to pay the largest fine ever handed out by the organization, $794 million. According to Wikipedia the background was: Novell claimed that Microsoft was blocking competitors out of the market through anti-competitive practice. Sun Microsystems complained about the lack of disclosure of some of the interfaces to Windows NT.…Continue reading Denietary systems

Blogpost dates corrected

As we just finished moving the site to a new server we switched the blog-engine. We found no better solution than copying and pasting the existing blog posts. As a result the posts all had new dates. I have now manually corrected the dates (and exact time) ! /Ulf