Finally: Using the FocalLength in FME

Thanks to Graeme’s fantastic optical writeup I finally created a Workbench in FME. (Actually “Workspace” is the correct expression but rarely used…..) * For distance to the picture I decided to go with Graeme’s formula “(@Value(jpeg_exif_focallength) * 659.065) / 1000” * However, I did implement a formula “(4.1-0.0330*@Value(jpeg_exif_focallength))” for the width of the picture. * […]

FME GPS Camera and FocalLength results

Preliminary results Here are som charts for the Tennisball test. We can clearly see that the distance to the picture is NOT a linear function. * Using no zoom (FocalLength 4.25 mm) means approx 3m to the picture (middle tennisball) * Using 6.4 zoom (FocalLength 27 mm) means approx 16-17 m to the picture (middle […]

FocalLength with FME – I challenge Camera Nerds

I need to use Focallength but it’s tricky. In my previous blog-post I confessed that I never really quite understood all the technical lingo with SLR Cameras. Today I realized that positioning pictures in 3D with FME still demands some knowledge about photo-lingo. Good thing I studied remote sensing 15 years ago then… So understanding […]

FME + GPS Compass Camera

Bye bye SLR This weekend I decided to get rid of my Olympus SLR Camera and get something more mobile. Some major reasons for this: – My back sucks. Carrying lenses etc is just too much. – Honestly, I never really got into the SLR-thing. I always forget the P/M/EV stuff and go fully automatic. […]