Celebrating FME2012 with Leaflet, OSM and MapQuest!

The old FLEX-based OSM extractor has been around for a while. A week ago I decided to rewrite it in HTML and it’s now in live beta!

In short http://bbox.me/osm lets You search and zoom in any area and get a ready-made FME Workbench for that particualar place.

This is making it real easy to extract smaller areas of OSM-data straight into FME.

– Dont forget to tribute OSM-data and MapQuest (and FME from www.safe.com) if You use it !

(If You do use Internet Explorer and have problems getting search to work. Try adding bbox.me to trusted sites).

The major supergreat components I used was:


Open MapQuest and tiles.

I will publish new and fresh 2012 Workbenches later on but for now I just include a small instruction. Use this at Your own risk!

Click to enlarge:

The old OSM-extractor in Flex should still work. Read about it here:



Ulf Mansson (Månsson)

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