FME2011 release – Will the secret identity of superhero sidekick lizard be revealed?

FME2011 is super!

Hardcore FME’ers run the latest BETA all the time – and know this already (James Fee).

It’s hard to surprise these FME superheroes when the actual release hit the news. They already benefit from the superpowers of XML-knowledge, debugging and 416 transformers while wrestling with more than 264 formats !

However, some things still do sneak up on the FME superheroes at the actual release. I am not talking about the new PointCloud geometry and speedy LAS-handling. I am talking about the most  important improvement since the ability to play geeky sounds at certain events:

FME is skinnable!

I have a pretty good idea who is behind this. It must be the lizard. Take a look at this picture:

– Looking pretty pleased right? Changing skins is a natural part of a lizard trying to hide the secret identity. However- most of us recognize him since all these FME-releases.

And do not be mistaken! A lizard can digest evil unvalidated XML metadata like nothing:

(Actual footage from my sons room as he is taking care of a lizard).

I will be back with some 2011 art – meanwhile fear the the supervillains at!

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