Getting a boundingbox into FME 2012

How many times have this happened to You?

1. You need a boundingbox. Possibly to query a database or maybe call a WMS service.

2. You open a map somwehere on the internet or maybe in another GIS-tool than FME.

3. You locate Your area of interest and manually note of the corner coordinates -the bbox. (xmin is…. ymin is… max lat is…)

4. You manually enter these into FME.

We figured out a smarter way here:

1. Search for You area of interest (Find Place)

2. Zoom in/out and redefine the bbox (Set to screen)

3. Select the Resource (“6 BBOX Transformer.fmw”) and press “Download”.

Now open the generated Workspace in FME and You have a Transformer with Your Boundingbox!

(If You do have troubles getting it to work with Internet Explorer – You may have to enter to the trusted sites).

2 thoughts on “Getting a boundingbox into FME 2012

  1. I regularly use your great web tool for calculating bounding boxes and exporting them to FME.
    Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to search for a location.
    Is it possible to fix this? Thank you!

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