Getting that strange geographic URL to work!

I’ll try to explain by showing som usecases. This is the basic usecase that got the site started.

Maybe You are familiar with the standard WMS. This standard provides a possibility to call a webservice that returns a picture of a map. The way You do it is by providing the bounding-box (the boxed area of the map) and also other information that affect the appearance of the map.

If You are GIS-professional You might be very comfortable in getting a URL like this to work:,46.56488262378445,10.492518378448425,59.124081211838394&SRS=EPSG:4326&Width=1429&Height=955&Layers=Countries,Borders,Coastlines&Format=image/gif

It’s very likely that You find this a pain though. Especially if You have to figure out the coordinates to insert in there… Even more so if You have to know about what coordinatessystem to specify.

How can help? provides a user interface where You can edit a template in an trial and error approach. The template can be composed by tags like <bbox_y0>. These tags is then evaluated in real time while You pan the map and replaced by coordinates. If You need a coordinate in London just move the map there.

You can edit the template manually or use the buttons (x0,x1 etc.) to enter the tags.

Then by pressing the bbox-button the URL is launched in a separate window. The button can be labelled in any way. In this case it’s called “”.

You can save it – and reuse it. Lets try one out: can do a lot more than this. The current user-interface is an advanced tool in many ways – but we will be adding more specific tools soon.

To get started just launch the map ( Then press the “Show menu” button.


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