Mapping my drive with FME – Captain’s log “C:Program Files (x86)”

C:Program Files (x86)

This turbulent continent needs exploring. With my trusted reader “Directory and File Pathnames” and the supertransformer “NetworkTopologyBuilder” I created a geometric world map of all the folders:

World Map

Here is a snapshot of the FME Workbench. (If You are interested please make a comment to this post and I’ll send it to You with some safety instructions before use).



Even before this country was mapped, we new it existed and that it was big. Now we can clearly see that it truly is huge. Spreading from South to East it is the place where You can travel from a simple place like “C:Program Files (x86)Adobe” ┬áto the very far, far away and exotic:

“C:Program Files (x86)AdobeFlex Builder 3sdks3.2.0frameworksprojectsairApplicationUpdatersrcApplicationUpdaterDialogscomadobe”.

(Ironically You end up in the city “adobe” – same name as Your starting point).


The CommonFiles

This region is close to anarchy. Jumping between left and right it will probably collapse in the nearby future. Windows, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo scattered all over the place…


Googles Earth and iTunis

One could believe that these countries would cover large areas but they don’t. However, they certainly are packed with places:

Cultural Foundation Miro

I have no clue where this entity came from. Zooming in reveals strange information:


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