The BETA launch of was anounced on twitter today! (

FME-users can now try the OSM extractor also with Openaddress-data.

If You are unfamiliar with how the OSM extractor details You can read about it in our Nov 2009 post:  FME for Open Street Map

In short:

1.Start with and locate a place for extraction of address points.

2. Select “ FME” for workspace.

3. Download the workspace and open it with FME Workbench.

4. When You run the workbench FME will call the Webservices and retrieve the addresses (max 500 by default. This can be changed with some FME-knowledge but don’t overload the Webservice):

(Note: This is only BETA and we will someday implement a viewer without FLASH…)


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