FME + GPS Compass Camera

Bye bye SLR This weekend I decided to get rid of my Olympus SLR Camera and get something more mobile. Some major reasons for this: – My back sucks. Carrying lenses etc is just too much. – Honestly, I never really got into the SLR-thing. I always forget the P/M/EV stuff and go fully automatic. […]

Creating Skins in FME

Finally! Thanks Mark. The secret behind skinning FME is now out: Or in fmepedia: /Darn. Will be a late nite again….

Cube Art in FME

During a project this week I came to think about the challenge to generate cubes in 3D. Turned out to be a fun thing to play with in FME. The input should be : _sides : Number of columns, rows and levels of the cubes _scale : Size of each cube Turned out to be […]


In the mailbox today: “Hello Ulf The brand new SpeedoMeter for BlackBerry® shows the current speed right on your phone. The speed shown is based on GPS and how fast your device is moving.” – I do not have a Blackberry. If I had a Blackberry I would get upset if it just took of. […]

The Viper Game – Only Javascript.

Björn Harrtell created this great version of a new Snake game. Initially made for Android but with no Desire-phone this was another option: Made entirely in javascript. HTML5  is slowly winning me over…this is fun. /Ulf

How to code

A great piece of advice on Twitter today: I guess this means You should leave no comments/trace in the code and definately only check in data anonymously… /Ulf