Plenty of FME 2013 Worldtour stops

The FME community always shows a good spirit and enthusiasm. This spirit nourishes ideas and leads to new cool features. Yesterdays livestream had a few technical problems but following the tweets, blogging & evangelism made it fun as always. You can also find the presentations here.

But wait – there’s more! Plenty of World Tour events on the way.

I strongly recommend participating if possible. New ideas emerges when You meet new people to discuss new features with. -Personally I’m now experimenting with combining PointClouds with none spatial data. Some great potential there. Will post an update on this later.

So I hope to see You in Malmö or Berlin or possibly somewhere else on the road!



1 thought on “Plenty of FME 2013 Worldtour stops

  1. Thanks Ulf — yes, we have found these #fmewt world tour stops to be very valuable opportunities for customers to learn and be inspired, almost as much as we ourselves both learn and get inspired in return.

    Have fun with your pointcloud/nonspatial experiments. Can’t wait to see the results!

    See you in Berlin.


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