Searching in can be started in different ways.

If You hit the default link,, a default bbox will be selected.

You can also start up with a bbox by referring to the ID:

Either way will zoom into the bbox and start in searchmode like this:

If You enter a placename Geonames Web-services will be queried for the location.

You can also search for bboxes by selecting “Show Menu” and then flip to “Search Bboxes”:

You can then search by keyword and select in the list.

If You press the “Play”-button for a bbox the URL will be launched at the place where it was saved.

If You press the “Select”-button the bbox will be active. If it is composed by bbox-tags they will be evaluated when You move around in the map.

Try this example of NASA imagery of Whistler :

Press “Nasa WMS” button and the move to another location and do it again.

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