Using FME and OSM to create Li(E)DAR

Would You like to play around with LiDAR and FME? Have no data for testing? By using the “OSM Extractor” to get OSM data (buildings+roads) and combining it with SRTM data I’ve come up with something that (sort of) looks like LiDAR data. By applying the PointCloud trix by Dmitri at Safe I produced LAS […]

New FME Atlantis transformer

Soon it’s over for one of the greatest achievements in mankind history. The last mission will be STS-135 for the space shuttle. As a space-nerd I will really miss this icon. Creating a custom transformer in FME (called Atlantis) is my goodbye to the shuttle. The transformer renders a PointCloud by using an embedded 3D-model […]

World Wide Podcast – FME 2011 Launch

1 hr recording from the FME 2011 launch – As FME 2011 was launched in March the Safe Software crew took of for an epic World tour. The liftoff was in Vancouver. Some of us could not go there. But we did follow the  livestream (of great qualit by the way. Check out the […]