The average length of a Transformer name is 16

At different FME-events we sometimes play the game:¬†– What is the most complicated name of a Transformer? Different answers from time to time but my personal favorite is “RasterBandInterpretationCoercer”.

So I decided to gather som stats on my own. As always there are no better way than using FME for this. I quickly created a simple workspace that reads the “fmesuite.fmx” file in the FME installation folder and gather statistics. (Don’t fiddle around with this one btw… Might break your installation…)

So here are some stats:

  • Longest Transformer Name :¬†CoordinateSystemDescriptionConverter (36 Chars)
  • Shortest Transformer Name : Tiler (5 Chars)

    And some stats from the StatisticsCalculator (20 Chars):

  • _mean:¬†16.3285198555957
  • _median: 16
  • _sum: 9046

So if you create a Custom Transformer and have to figure out a name – 16 Chars can’t be wrong….


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