The Skinner Workbench – automate creation of FME Skins

FME 2011 brought the possibility to skin FME Desktop. This feature is something I needed for a long time ! I have been using FME almost every day for more than a decade with a smile on my face. Changing the appearance of the Desktop now and then would make the smile bigger!

So today when I read Marks post I started out! However, it soon got a bit complicated as there are quite a few png files to edit.

Then I came to think of one of the superpowers of FME: Batchprocessing and raster-manipulation! I need a workbench for this!

So by the use of only 8 transformers I got FME to:

1. Read png-files from the “classic” skin

2. Query an URL for a jpg-texture

3. Clip the texture and alphacomposite with the classic skins png-files.

4. Write out the new png-files to a new skin.

The powers of FME are quite amazing!

I include some screenshots, the zipped themes and also the workbench.


Another skin.

Download FME Workbench skinner_01.fmw

-However – use it at Your own risk! It could (most unlikely) mess up Your FME installdir if You are clumsy.

Download sample skins

Read Marks post about how to install.



3 thoughts on “The Skinner Workbench – automate creation of FME Skins

  1. Yikes Mark, every new technology can be used for either Good or Evil, and I’m not convinced a Leopard Skin Skin for FME is coming down on the right side.

    I *love* the idea of using Workbench to help generate these, sheer genius. I’ll definitely be using this on the FME World Tour Road Show!

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