Using FME and OSM to create Li(E)DAR

Would You like to play around with LiDAR and FME? Have no data for testing?

By using the “OSM Extractor” to get OSM data (buildings+roads) and combining it with SRTM data I’ve come up with something that (sort of) looks like LiDAR data.

By applying the PointCloud trix by Dmitri at Safe I produced LAS files that might be of interest to someone.

Note that the buildings are not correct in height and the SRTM  has a huge Z-offset. That is – You can not really use this data for anything practical. But it looks good and is FUN to play with in FME.

The zip-file (covering an area in Lund/Sweden) is about 11 Mb and contains 1-5.LAS files that can be viewed in the FME Data Inspector.

Even if the data is “fake” extruded with “random” heights from OpenStreetMap it looks pretty.

I will try to produce some more Li(E)DAR in the future. Feel free to request an area.

/FME Rox

Ulf Mansson (Ulf Månsson)
Twitter: @ulfme

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