World Wide Podcast – FME 2011 Launch

1 hr recording from the FME 2011 launch –

As FME 2011 was launched in March the Safe Software crew took of for an epic World tour.

The liftoff was in Vancouver. Some of us could not go there. But we did follow the  livestream (of great qualit by the way. Check out the conference and great presentations here).

However it certainly would be more fun if someone listened to Your comments…

7 countries

After starting a Skypeconversation I ended up with company from all over the world and several hours of recording with commentray from true FME Power Users:

The several hours of rambling FME comments then was edited down to this “essential mix” :

The word spread

As the word got out there people held up notes in front of the camera and Tweeted about it.

Aaron Koning showing  “Hi Mom!”. Other notes read “We Love Ken!”

What did we say then?

There certainly where a lot of fun comments but also some serious feedback that Safe Software really did value and filed requests for.

You have to download and listen to find out everything but some highlites include:

* Candadians surprise us by using hockey-goals in the presentations!

* Jason Birch’s super hero cape!

* The table viewer!

* Kens Wife is a true superhero!

* FME is so fast so by using it you go back in time!

* The random transformer!

/Ulf Mansson  (or Ulf Månsson in Swedish…)

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